Get your summer body going!

Get your summer body going!

Healthy Sisters Sorority

Healthy Sisters Sorority Detox Program is launching again on Monday May 13th.

Dust off that bathing suit and take a before picture. And then join me for a month of support so you can lose weight, feel better, sleep like a rock and increase your energy! You are going to feel amazing after this month is complete!

Click here to sign up!

yipee!Healthy Sisters Sorority Detox Program is a gradual detox program based on simple, real foods. This detox works because the changes you will make are realistic and sustainable. It also works because you have continued support from Shana Kurz, a Certified Health Coach and Detox Expert, and hundreds of women who are also ready to tap into significant health changes while caring for their family and friends.

And it’s so doable! But you don’t need to hear from just me…

clear, uplifted and fun!
“Shana’s enthusiasm is infectious. I also knew that she would hold me lovingly accountable for following though. She has an awesome combination of warm support and a firm touch. While working with Shana, my body felt lighter and more full of energy than ever before.  I also felt mentally and spiritually clear and uplifted. My mood was very stable and excited! Shana walks the walk. She not only leads all of us to transforming our health and lives, she provide an amazing role model for this as well! Shana makes healthy eating and living FUN!”

- Cora from New York
Jennifera jump-start and energy!
“After giving birth to my second daughter I was feeling tired, stressed and unhealthy. I signed up for Shana’s detox and I’m so glad I did. It really jump-started me on a path of taking care of myself again – so important for a new mom. A bonus from the detox was having more energy than before. Shana’s passion for helping women and moms get healthy is contagious. Her recipes are delicious, family-friendly and easy. She knows how to inspire and motivate others to be the best, healthiest, most energetic versions of themselves.”
- Jennifer from Colorado

support without judgement!
“Like Shana I am a mother of young children and spend the majority of my time focusing on their growth and development into healthy, happy little beings, so often that means unconsciously eating whatever I can grab quickly. Somewhere in the fog of having young children was my own desire to focus on my health and diet. What attracted me to this program was that it was based on eating healthy whole foods, rather than supplements, shakes or fasting. The most significant change I noticed was an overall sense of calm and ease in my digestion that extended to my overall being. I became much clearer in thought and more energized even on days that were preceded by rough nights with my kids. And YES, I did this without coffee! I would recommend working with Shana to anyone who has a true desire to change their eating habits with the nurturing support of someone who can likely relate to you as a busy parent. Shana is very supportive and understanding coach. Shana understands that life happens. She is there to lend support and encouragement without judgement. While weight loss was never a goal for my cleanse, I did lose several lbs and fit into my formerly “too tight jeans” quite nicely!
- Carrie from Colorado
Evafocus on health!
“I signed up for Shana’s detox because I wanted to take a larger step in focusing on my health than I had taken in the past. I wanted to finally make health the priority that it deserves to be in my life. During the detox my energy levels were amazing. I expected to be tired during the detox but I felt energized in a calm way. I know that that sounds funny but I felt like I was awake and strong without being jittery. It was great. The other two significant changes were that my skin looked better than it may ever have by the end of the detox and my stomach felt as peaceful as it has felt since I can remember. During this detox, I never felt deprived. Instead I felt that I was fueling myself with the best fuel available. I felt very satisfied while following Shana’s detox diet and I will eat many of her recipes going forward, outside of the detox timeframe. I would recommend this detox to friends, family, anyone interested in feeling like a better, stronger, more peaceful, healthy person. Shana is helpful, knowledgeable, accessible, positive, encouraging, strong, resourceful, committed, and extremely healthy.”
- Eva from Minnesota
better sleep and no cheating!
 ”I have never done anything like this detox before and knew it would be much easier then trying it on my own. The detox introduced me to so many new things in such a short amount of time. The biggest change I noticed with with my sleep. I usually wake up at 3am filled with thoughts and thirst, but I slept so well starting night one. This detox is for anyone who needs a bit of a change in their habits and diet. It never felt extreme, like I was fasting or totally changing my ways…and this is coming from someone who eats bagels every morning! My favorite recipe is the Pasta Fagoli, I’ve made it for my husband two times again since the detox has ended. The rice pasta was easy to get used to as well. Throughout the detox Shana was thorough, motivating and sweet. I also found it helpful to be in communication with everyone throughout the experience….it made me not cheat!! I’m so thankful for the opportunity. I’m going to to do it again for sure!”
- Sarah from New York
Click here to sign up!
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  1. Brittany says:

    Thanks Shana. I’m ready to get going!

  2. Jen says:

    I’m ready :)

  3. Meg says:

    I missed the May 13 deadline. Is it too late to join?

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