I Ate Bad Food, Binged and had a Cheat Day, Now What?

We all have a meal or two where we KNOW we shouldn’t have eaten that. I don’t want to hand you a bunch of excuses, but everyone finds themselves eating out at a restaurant with a sub-optimal menu, at a friend’s or family’s house for a meal and you can’t be rude or there was just nothing else to eat because you haven’t gone grocery shopping. You may have even decided, intentionally, on a “cheat day” — and now realize you need to make up for it, stat!

So what do you do now? Besides feeling bad, there are 5 steps you can take to feel better and make the most of your next meal.

1. Drink a lot of water.

Lots of it. Pure water. Help your body detoxify and eliminate.

2. Take a break.

Skip a meal and give your digestive system a break. It just got overworked and is angry. It’s OK to be hungry for 3-4 hours while you prepare for your next healthy meal.

3. Take a probiotic.

Probiotics support a healthy gut and can balance out the good gut bacteria with the bad. Bad gut bacteria LOVE sugar which was most likely in your binge meal, so make sure you give your gut a powerhouse of good bacteria through a probiotic.

4. Exercise.

Exercise aids in digestion. It also helps detoxify through sweating. So hop on the treadmill or find a class to sweat that gross meal out!

5. Eat fiber rich food.

Make you next meal a great one. Focus on fiber rich foods like veggies, greens and beans. Throw in some nuts. You aren’t trying to reduce calories, but instead supporting your body with antioxidants,  nutrients, and fiber. Move that bad “food” along and out and replace it with the good stuff.

When do you find yourself saying “I can’t believe I ate that”? Tell me in the comments below. And if you like what I’m saying, please share this with friends who may be able to benefit following a crazy weekend or just a crazy meal.  Want to learn more about healthy eating, your body, or detox?  Check out the other posts or click here for more info on how we can work together.

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4 Responses to I Ate Bad Food, Binged and had a Cheat Day, Now What?

  1. Meg says:

    This is so great for today! I have strayed very far from my HSS days and today I am taking it all back! Ryan and I are going vegan and sugar free for the next five days. We needed it bad! We just visited with our Swiss Family in NYC and they brought over like 10 LBS of chocolate. It may as well be crack. Plus with Mother’s day and birthdays and family gathering these past three weeks… it’s been nothing but sugar! I need a break and thanks to you, I know how to get back on track! Congrats on the 1/2 BTW! Great accomplishment in completing never mind your time!

  2. Donelle Toner says:

    Dear Shana,
    I met your Dad last month at Rosy Tomorrows. We had a lovely conversation about nutrition. I am a vegan and will enjoy your web site!
    I have had two recipes published and now work for Welcome Wagon International (which is how I met your dad!).
    Wanted Rosy’s in our book!

    So, congratulations on your fabulous publications and site. I shall enjoy reading it!
    All the best,
    Donelle Toner
    Facebook: Welcome Wagon International Community Marketing Executive

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